About Us
January 2011

Sinodev wishing you happiness during the holidays and throughout the new year.
December 2010

Best wishes for a wonderful new year. May happiness follow you everywhere …just like we do.
November 2010

Sinodev began to develop website for JiMo NO.1 high school.
November 2010

Sinodev developed website for Fox cycles,Everyone at Foxcycles shares a passion for bikes
October 2010

Sinodev designed new website for Rev7Media.
August 2010

Sinodev began to develop QingDao international expo website for NanShan group.
May 2010

Sinodev began to develop website for Olive ecologica.
April 2010

Sinodev began to develop website for DaMingLu primary school.
March 2010

Sinodev began to develop project about Twinium.
February 2010

Sinodev hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year. Happy New Year!
December 2009

Sinodev Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas.
November 2009

Sinodev began to develop new website for chateau-lincoln hotel.
September 2009

Sinodev began to develop new website for www.plusimmobilier.com .
August 2009

Sinodev develop website for www.ristocapriccio.com.
June 2009

Sinodev developed www.911baddrivers.com website.
May 2009

Sinodev developed Tutorpages.com website..
April 2009

Sinodev began to develop MYDESK School Management System project.
January 2009

Sinodev with very best wishes for your happiness in the New Year,May the coming New Year bring you joy, love and peace!
October 2008

Sinodev developed SINOINTERN website to provide the information of job, study and travel for some of the foreign students in China.It also make their life in China conveniet...
July 2008

Sinodev successfully developed the Update of School Management System for North America.
This system has applied to many schools in European and American successfully. At present, we’re developing to upgrade it the second time in hope that we can improve the operation further, and reach the effect of cross platform running.
July 2008

Sinodev developed Electronicimports (online shopping)...
May 2008

Sinodev successfully developed Agencite (real estate display).
Agencite mainly display several major sections such as the real estate information, agent information, company information and contact us. Real estate information display is divided into rental or sale, according to real estate and location, by integrating the site in the Google map to check the location. The section of broker displayed brokers information, through its operating agent for the property information. By the way the site’s each page has links to the British-French conversion, to convert convenient.
April 2008

Sinodev developed Viechic (online shopping) for Viechic company in Canada.
Viechic is online shopping sites, display such as furniture, accessories, jewelry and other commodities, also can management the commodity classification, users log in, we can buy goods through shopping cart and SSL encryption through the use of online credit card payments, complete Payment then generate orders.

January 2008

Sinodev successfully developed YalaGames electronic business platform for YalaGames in Canada.
Yalagames is the project which is Canadian companies operating puzzle game, mainly to show the game, allowing users to comment on the game, through the shopping cart, according to the delivery address provided by the Canada Post Office postage and use Paypal For credit card payments, payment orders can query. The website also provides online mail service, users can e-mail through the site features timely contact management staff.

August to October 2007

Sinodev successfully developed Personnel and Finance System for North America.
The Personnel and Finance System takes C/S frame and makes Mysql as its software server for the background. The input of interface and the display of report use wxWidget class libraries. It provides friendly mutual interface and powerful function of report display and printing.
May 2007

Sinodev established its professional technical team, so we can react rapidly and profeesionally to our customers...
April 2007

Sinodev was officially established in April 2007 and put its base in Qingdao Software Park...