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Software Development The Update of School Management System  


The Update of School Management System

Project: the Update of School Management System

Main Customers: From North America

Main need:
● Resource Allocation: Including Student Management, Teacher Management, Group Management, Credit Hour Management. All the resources mentioned can be added, canceled, and modified.
● Resource Management: Including Students Attendance Management, Intelligent Classes Arrangement Function.
● Automatic information: Including Automatic Voice Information Function, Email Information Function
● Report forms function: Including Making Report Forms, Report Forms Review, Report Forms Printing.

Other needs: Support many languages (English, French), crossing platform.

Time limit for the project: 8 people * 800 working days

Description of project:
This system has applied to many schools in European and American successfully. At present, we’re developing to upgrade it the second time in hope that we can improve the operation further, and reach the effect of cross platform running.

The chart of project reconstruction
We have to carry out reconstruction scheme for the chart and frame (See picture 5)

Picture 5

The effect of project running
The final running chart (See Picture 6)

Picture 6