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Storage & Distribution ERP

Storage & Distribution ERP

System Profile

Storage & Distribution ERP, total solution to information management of medium-sized enterprises, integrates retail & POS, distribution, finance and CRM、OA. It aims to help enterprise create a simple and highly efficient real-time operational management platform, realizes online dynamic monitoring and management of information flow, logistics and fund flow, realizes complete information control, information transfer and business record to facilitate enterprise decision-making process with detailed data and ensure smooth operation of enterprise in a large sphere.

Storage & Distribution ERP, on basis of .net platform and Internet, ensures that enterprise HQ and its branches in different regions operate business on the same platform, by which HQ can implement complete and real-time monitoring and control upon such information as sales, stock, cost and operation of its branches in different regions.

Applicable Targets

Storage & Distribution ERP is applicable to the enterprise with following structure:
Headquarter-Branch Company
Company- Branch Warehouse
Company with Several Branches within the Same Region
Company-Agent (Distributor/ Agent/Reseller and Franchise Chain)

Application Value

1. Sound logistics capability and complete process control dramatically enhance operational     efficiency of enterprise.

2. Help enterprise realize transformation from old post-management to effective and dynamic     monitoring mechanism.

3. Real-time confirmation and monitoring price systems of local markets to decrease price     confusion and commodities fleeing to maximal extent.

4. Dynamically allocates logistics tempo to decrease excessive inventory and damage to     maximal extent.

5. Real-time monitoring financial flow of all branches with aim to controlling irregular      expenditure effectively

6. Dynamically keeping track of many different local markets to make quick decision in order to     cope with market competition in timely manner

7.Effectively getting sale staff in different regions under control

8.Getting all concerned branches, offices, sale departments, branch warehouses and     distributors involved to realize “dispersed application and focused treatment”

9.Easy implementation of independent accounting and summary analysis of branch’s finance     and business

Function Highlight

Supporting Independent Accounting of Branch

Provision of Independent Accounting and Non- Independent Accounting between HQ and branch

If branch undertakes independent retail & POS business, but HQ is charge of financial accounting, user’s option is not independent accounting under the said circumstance.

If HQ and branch are independent financial accounting units, branch independent accounting system of Sinodev Distribution ERP is option, in which independent accounting ensures that branch and HQ are equal in terms of accounting, and all branches can create basic information like their warehouses and internal accounting departments and implement the following accounting through crossed right:

(1) All branches undertake independent retail & POS business and financial accounting

(2) Turn-around goods between HQ and branches or between branches is equivalent to         purchasing and marketing among branches. Profit accounting and current accounting are         independent.

2. Several methods of cost accounting are available: Moving Weighted Average Method, LIFO,     FIFO and etc.

3. Settlement by bill of document or good

4. Storage/Retrieval System in or from Multi-Warehouses: the same batch of goods are kept in     different warehouses; the same batch of goods are retrieved from different warehouses.

5. Zero-cost Storage and Zero- unit price Retrieval: preventing purchaser from accepting goods    from supplier or presenting goods to distributor

6. Supporting multi-unit of goods: solution to several metering methods for one good, for         example, one box milk contains 24 bags of milk.

7. Following up the Whole Procedure of Price: Staff of marketing, procurement and warehouse all    pays much attention to the latest sale prices and purchasing prices of goods of different    specifications, models and brands in different partners. Sinodev Distribution ERP can help you    access to the function. If you input name of partner, name of good, the system will show the    latest sale price and purchasing price of the good of different customers.

8. Crossed Right Management: Each operator has respective function right ( marketing,    procurement, storage, borrowing and lending), and determine right level ( right to access to    certain branch and warehouse)

9. Multi-Approval Function

10. Statement Penetration Enquiry

11. Supporting Multi-accounting Application: solution to operation of different accounting within       the same system for several branches.

12. Supporting Multi-warehouse

13. Supporting Multi-window Operation

14. Self-defined Bill of Document Format

15. Supporting On-line Printing

16. Supporting Inter-print Module

17. Fuzzy Inquiry

18. Automatic Sequencing of Statement

19. Automatic Generator of Business Abstract: abstract of each business is automatically      generated to facilitate businessman or financial staff to keep track of each business incurred.
20、IP Spirit

Internet-based PC must acquire an IP address. Many enterprises can’t afford it due to its high cost. Remote data transmission must rely on remote dialing without fixed IP, which features poor stability, maintenance and high expense, or through noticing dynamic IP address. To meet gap between increasing demand of fixed IP addresses and high cost of server, “We Way” has developed IP Spirit to solve the issue.

Based on Internet, IP Spirit adopted the brand-new IP Address Resolution Tech to connect online PCs and communicate with each other by TCP/IP protocol. Server needn’t fixed IP and client is able to visit online server equipped with IP Spirit, by which communication between PCs without fixed IP can be available.
Advantages of IP Spirit:

1. without server or host

2. without fixed IP

3. without any remote communication cost

Procurement Management

● Processing many kinds of purchasing businesses: cash purchase, account purchase and return

● Rapid and flexible management of purchasing order: HQ and branch can implement remote
    online ordering and follow up implementation of the order.

● Multi-angle purchasing statistic statement

● Practical following up management of purchasing price

Marketing Management

● HQ or branch can implement remote online sale order and follow up implementation of the     order.

● Supporting remote online order input by several persons simultaneously and processing sale     on credit, cash transaction and sale by proxy of stable clients.

● Pre-setting sale price or following up price

● Convenient sale retrieval from storage and return treatment

● Multi-angle marketing statistic statement

Stock Management

?Provision of such processing functions as turn-around good at the same or different price, stock inventory, assemble and disassemble of good, price adjustment of stock and assemble and disassemble of manufacturing

● Provision of such processing functions as analysis on current stock of good in different     warehouses, purchasing, selling and storing of a good, and provision of summary information     of Storage/Retrieval/Stock conditions of a good during a certain period.

Current Account Management

● Provision of current account, account stated inquiry and business inquiry

● Processing sale on credit, account purchase, accrued account and forward payment

● Processing cash and bank’s payment or purchasing and receivable payment settlement    against bank bill or credit card

● Adding current netting bill to process merging and restructuring of accrued account and    account payable

● Provision of analysis on account age of accrued account and account payable, credit, overdue    amount and overdue accrued account and account payable inquiry

● Online inquiring fund occupation of current account within the company and real-time     monitoring account stated of customers by several inquiry statement.

Financial Management

● Drawing-out slip and certificate of deposit of bank: recording deposit and withdrawal and transfer, controlling fund flow and decrease fund risk

● Cash cost bill/ general cost bill/ other income bill: processing all kinds of expenditure, other     payment business and keeping track of fund flow

● Accounting documents: processing business unsuitable for logistics bill to ensure the accuracy     of financial statement data

● Fixed assets: simplifying management of fixed assets to provide treatment of fixed assets’     purchasing, depreciation and sale

Statement Center

The center provides all statistic statement and analysis statement regarding purchasing, marketing, current account and finance, and provides summary statement regarding branch’s expenditure, sale and current account in order to facilitate manager to have access to data in timely manner, keep track of and compare business operations of all branches with aim to making quick and accurate decision.

Office System

Distribution ERP integrates We Way OA system, which is low cost and highly efficient SME-oriented office automation platform. We Way developed it on basis of long term analysis on client’s demand and its adequate experiences. It creates a brand-new office environment, in which management can be carried out via BBS. Each column stands for one managing element. The platform serves as an executive vice manager who is on duty around the clock, by which real office automation and electronic cooperation and knowledge management can be realized.

Features of System

● 1. Prompt implementation: implementation could be finished in a week to a month with server installing and setting the system.

● 2. Convenient Maintenance: client connects to server via Internet without any installation of software. Zero- maintenance is needed by clients.

● 3. Easy Operation: following tradition of Sinodev style and operating easily.

● 4. Strong Expansion: Full integration with We Way CRM ensures interface with several kinds of financial software like Sinodev Standard Finance, UFIDA and kingdee.

● 5. IP Spirit:: IP Spirit tech can save much expense for enterprises without any server.