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Viechic (online shopping)

Name of project: Viechic (online shopping)

Customer: Canada Viechic company

Main requirement:

● Goods trade show
Display through the merchandise classification.
● User management
Allow users to log in and buying goods.
● Purview management
Setting authority which divided into managers, wholesalers and ordinary users to ensure that after logging will show different content.
● Cart
Shopping can be anonymous, when the registered user login, shopping cart information to move to registered users.
● Deal with the order
After users buying generate orders, the administrator can be in the background to manage orders.
● Multi-language version
To provide multiple versions for the site designed to meet the need of users.
● Canada online credit card payments.
To provide the realization of credit card paiding interface and ensure the safety of users when transmission encryption.
Data encryption ensure the users information security.

Project period: 2007.11.1 - 2007-11.29 for 28 days

Job description: Viechic is online shopping sites, display such as furniture, accessories, jewelry and other commodities, also can management the commodity classification, users log in, we can buy goods through shopping cart and SSL encryption through the use of online credit card payments, complete Payment then generate orders. The project through the three-tier structure to achieve, realize the business logic to be more clearly, the three

levels as following:

(1) the tier of exhibition - to deal with user’s interaction and communication.
(2) operation logic - deal with the information needed by the user.
(3) data access layer - handling all of the data in the database
The implement of System divided into three levels, according to the picture: