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Name of project:

Customer: ?North America and Europe people

Main requirement:

● Twindex list, Answer questions based on all users through standard deviation, variance of the real-time computing user similarity information. Need to carry millions of users and millions of computing the total level of the problem.Twinmap information for global users.
● Twinmap, global user map information.
● Twinfeed, global user feed information.
● Veaindex, activity or business location.
● Veamap, activity map information.
● Veafeed, comment for activities.

Project period:2010.05.06 – 2011.05.20 for one year.

Job description:

Twinium is a web-based software application enables users to create, monitor and interact with a global network of people with similar personality traits to themselves, people who we call ‘twins’, whilst also enabling each user to tap into this network of ‘twins’ to help them make decisions on what to do in any specific location, be it in a neighbourhood of their home town, or a business trip or vacation half way around the world.
When I visit – or am planning to visit - a new place and am looking for things to do, or even if I am simply looking for a new slant – “what’s fresh?” – on what to do in my own home town, what is the best resource available to help me make that decision? Simple. People who share common personality characteristics, likes & dislikes as me; my “twins”.