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Website Development Bluetrader  



Name of project:

Customer: Bluetrader, Canada

Main requirements:

● Watchlist
show some details of tickers tracking by the current user.
● Stock charts
show historical price, volume and insider trading volume on chart, also can compare more than one stocks.
● Ticker page
We show basic information of a ticker, including insider trading and insiders information.
● Market overview
show users an overview of the market.
● SEC filing
users can access SEC filings from our application.
● Alert management
User can manage and configure tickers tracked by him.
● Account management
user can manage his account and plan
● Insider Trading Analysis
use our algorithm to sort out the insider transactions.
●Optimal Payments payment
Integrate the most popular credit card pay to the site..

Project period: ?2009.7.15 – now

Job description:

Bluetrader provides the real-time insider trading tracking service, send interesting insider transactions to our subscribers via EMAIL/SMS, use our algorithm to sort out interesting insider transactions, user can management his account and watch list easily, our service helps subscribers to make transactions more wisely.